Factors affecting hr strategy

Factors Affecting Human Resource Plans

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the HR provides effective measures that the organization can implement so as to respond to change appropriately. In this case, the salaries review will be implemented in line with the changing economic situations. Political From a shift in local public opinion to a change in government or even a new industrial world superpower entering the market, politics influence how much funding is available, how much tax must be paid, minimum wage rates, how markets are controlled and the quality and quantity of staff available for hire.

To provide promotional avenues to employees. This can be achieved through adequate training and development, recruitment and selection and performance appraisal. These direct the manner in which the objectives of the organisation are to be achieved.

External & Internal Environmental Factors Influencing HR Activities

Human resource data on salary information will allow the firm to determine those who are being underpaid or overpaid. As such, it participates in strategy execution.

Employee Relations Internal policies and procedures impact HR activities. Finally, the organization must make a decision on flexibility- the ability of the HR plan to anticipate and deal with contingencies.

Compensation Labor supply drives the amount of compensation a business must offer to attract employees. HR must also ensure that the internal compensation structure is fair -- for example, experienced workers with specialized qualifications should earn more than recent college graduates performing the same tasks.

The human resource activities should have clear guidelines concerning decision-making policies, strategies on employee performance and motivation, and recruitment policies.

In most cases, there is plenty to time to implement changes to policy, as the law can take awhile to take effect. Besides, the Companies Act regulates the formation and dissolution of enterprises.

Policies offer standing answers to recurring questions and specify the steps to be taken in making decisions. Moreover, the organization will ensure that talented employees are recruited so as to enhance the performance of the firm. The ability of HR to streamline the business systems and procedures allows it respond to external changes.

Today, HR plays a critical function as a business partner. To provide safe working conditions for employees. Technological New technology brings new skills requirements, so companies always need to be aware of proficiencies and training needs when planning human resources.

Mission is the very purpose and justification for the existence of a firm. This can be achieved by determining salaries and wages that correspond to the returns realized from the business.

Of course, careful planning to fill HR needs better helps ensure that the organization obtains the right number of HR people with proper skills and competencies when they are needed.

A simple example of environmental factors affecting human resource planning is the consideration of how your employees get to work safely during extreme weather; your plan may need to include the possibility of telecommuting in order to keep everything going.

Policies offer standing answers to recurring questions and specify the steps to be taken in making decisions. The data on employee turnover also allows the organization to carry out restructuring so as to meet future HR requirements.

However, external economics plays an equally critical role. Therefore, the strategic human resource activities must match the mission statement of the organization. Human resource information systems: The HR outlines the job design for every employee.

This data allows the business to plan for its future staff by providing equitable and fair pay depending on the performance of the employee. The HR data on gender also plays a significant role in business and environmental planning. Chakraborty, conflict arises because of the following qualities: In this case, the firm will earn more returns on investment thus allowing it compete effectively in the market.

The business environment consists of both internal and external factors. HR should monitor the number of employees eligible for retirement and ensure potential replacements or other staff members are trained to avoid a sudden departure of business knowledge.

External & Internal Environmental Factors Influencing HR Activities

For instance, the organization may decide to use apprenticeship to train employees whose performance is below average. As such, the organization will develop a pay structure that ensures that employees are paid according to the amount of work they do.

The legislation also affects other organizational roles and activities. Objectives show the destination but the route towards that destination is shown by policies.

In this way, the organization will implement faster and cheaper method that can be used to identify and fix changes which are likely to be experienced. Political, social and economic changes affect all organizations. International human resource management:.

A well-developed strategy for your human resources department takes into consider external factors that might affect your department. 4 External Factors that Affect Human Resource Management Government Regulations – With the introduction of new workplace compliance standards your human resources department is constantly under pressure.

External Environmental Factors Affecting HR Strategy Competition The competition requires human resource managers to make various strategic decisions that impact directly on the operations of the organization. External factors affecting human resource management(HRM) Share.

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4 External Factors that Affect Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management. HRM - Chap 2 - The Dynamic of HRM Environment Documents Similar To External factors affecting /5(8). Adapting in this field is important because at a moments notice new legislation can be passed with an immediate effective date or corporate polices are changed where human resources feels the brunt.

A well-developed strategy for your human resources department takes into consider external factors that might affect your department. Factors Affecting Human Resource Planning. Human Resource Planning (HRP) is influenced by several considerations. The more important of them are: (i) type and strategy of organization, (ii) organizational growth cycles and planning, (iii) environmental uncertainties, (iv) time horizons, (v) type and quality of forecasting information, (vi) labor market.

Factors Affecting Hr Strategy. Looking at the broader context in which Canadian organizations operate, strategic human resource management (SHRM) can address a number of economic and non-economic factors.

In terms of economic factors, Canadian organizations must overcome the challenges of globalization. These organizations .

Factors affecting hr strategy
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4 External Factors that Affect Human Resource Management